Youth Jukebox with Alonso focuses on the exploration and understanding of artistic expressions through history, including acknowledging their cultural relevance.

In 2022, Alonso will cover the evolution of cinema as an artistic expression from the beginnings of cinema during the late 19th century to the present day. It will touch upon the social aspects that have led to the popularization of cinema, the changes in its structure, as well as the cultural impact that it has had worldwide.

You can check out Youth Jukebox on Thursday with Alonso, and also catch our other excellent hosts Lachie, Tasnia, and our newly joined presenter TJ from Monday to Friday. For more information, head to the Youth Jukebox program page here.

As a final note, the station is looking into an initiative of approaching our local high schools and working with them in developing a scholarship with select students to broadcast on Youth Jukebox as part of their studies.

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