Firstly, to any woman who thinks they’re lazy or unmotivated. You’re NOT; you’re just overloaded or overwhelmed!!!! The pace of life as a mother, particularly working mums is FULL ON! So, we need to be really intentional with where we place our energy.

And we need to have a clear understanding of what is actually draining our energy. So, if you can imagine that your body is like a container that can only hold a certain amount of energy each day, some things will fill your energy container, and some things will drain it. So if your day-to-day life is so overloaded that there are multiple things poking dirty great big holes in your energy container, no amount of willpower, baths, or massages are going to plug those holes. It would be like trying to plug a bullet wound with a bandaid.” Kate Hickey – Empower 360 Fitness.