Last Friday was monumental for 2RRR’s Hungarian program Radio Mozaik and for Hungarian Australians in general. The President of Hungary, Katalin Nokak arrived on our Aussie shores and gracefully addressed her nation’s people at the South Hungarian Club in Glendenning.

Radio Mozaik’s Gusztáv and Katalin Ilosvay had the honour of meeting their homeland President face to face with our darling Katalin providing a warm, welcoming speech, thanking the President and the Hungarian government for recognising the Hungarian community of Australia.

Our beloved Gusztáv was presented with the Hungarian Order of Merit Knight’s Cross to make the event even more special! The prestigious award acknowledges Gusztáv’s 30+ years of dedication to preserving the identity of the Hungarian diaspora and the Hungarian culture through sculpture and radio broadcasting.

The man in the moment, Gustav and his prestigious award and, naturally, repping the Radio Mozaik t-shirt.

Our Katalin meets President Katalin!
Katalin gave her speech to a full house of Hungarians.

Present was Lucy Emery, Community Liaison Officer, Department of Home Affairs, Social Cohesion and Multicultural Affairs Division.

Gustav receiving his award from the President!

the Hungarian Order of Merit Knight’s Cross