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Not Quite Mainstream – Electronic Music, Interviews and Festivals

Music: Audio e’s sole purpose is to be an interface between artists, producers, djs, event promoters & the australian public. Our intention is to present the ‘not quite mainstream‘ – quality electronic music, accessible only by making a deep incision in the skin of mainstream electronic music to see what lies beneath.  What is revealed should be enjoyed with the knowledge that you are part of a secret and wondrous society open to those who make the leap.

Interviews: lounge room chat with the people making the music, putting on the festivals and part of the ‘not quite mainstream‘ world.

Festivals: Local, national and international ‘not quite mainstream‘ festivals- they’re not on billboards, they’re not mentioned on mainstream radio, tv or in print. So how do you know where to go and what to expect? Will it will be fun, safe and worth the effort? Listen in to Audio e.

Listener participation, questions & requests are WELCOMED.

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