About Mornings Done Easy

Chrissie helps you ease into your day with her breakfast program, Mornings Done Easy.

News, weather, time checks and traffic updates get you ready to face the day. Stay current with interviews that are worth listening to.

Featuring music from Australian and international artists across the generations and genres, Chrissie adds her distinct style and knowledge without overwhelming you.

Sing out loud each week with MDE’s featured ABBA track and then step back in time to when boy bands ruled the airwaves as well as the hearts of the young and, very possibly, their mothers. 

No reason to neglect feeding the enquiring mind as well as the hungry mouths at breakfast, so after 8.00am nourish your brain with Chrissie’s Topic of the Week segment.

This is the time of the day when you just need someone to share your morning, bring you up to date with what’s been happening and join you for that first cup of tea or coffee. Then you’re good to go for your day. 

Tune in and take it easy.

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