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Learn the ABC’s of gardening, garden design, growing plants and veggies, herbs and spices you need, plus much more. Real World Gardener is produced at 2RRR and heard right across Australia on the Community Radio Network (CRN).

Regular guests include Peter Nixon and Glenice Buck, Landscape Designers, Adrian O’Malley and Steve McGrane, horticulturists, Ian Hemphill from Herbies Spices, Dr Holly Parsons, of Birdlife Australia,Steve Falcioni, Manager of Eco Organic Garden, Margaret Mossakowska, Director of Moss House and Tony Mattson, General Manager of Cut Above Tools.

For all show information visit www.realworldgardener.com  if you like gardening, like our page www.facebook.com/RealWorldGardener.or follow us on Instagram #Real_World_Gardener

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