Join a GenZ Daughter and her GenX Dad as they run a series of increasingly bizarre experiments each Saturday afternoon with music, news, history and general life stuff. Burn or build the bridges of the Age gap, unlock the secrets of reality (or uncover the truth of the simulation) and hang out as they try to figure out what the hell is going on inside each other’s heads.

This week’s episode (and all their episodes) are uploaded to Mixcloud – but Mixcloud lets you embed, so who cares? Just check in here and use the link below to listen to the latest show. From what I hear, this week’s show was effing awesome…….

Observation 24 – A Full Day



Below are the historical archives that have been managed in a fastidious order. Welcome to the experiments…….

Observation 23 – A Reason For Everything

Observation 22 – I Can’t See

Observation 21 – The DotDash DashDashDot Dot 

Observation 20 – The Bage (sic) Beach Soundtrack ’24

Observation 19 – The Worlds Gone Mad

Observation 18 – Shakespeare’s Dirty Bed

Observation 15 – Ode To Joy

Observation 14 – Never Have I Ever

Observation 13 – M&Ms

Oberservation 12 – Love Song Dedications

Observation 11 – Killers

Observation 10 – John’s Observation

Observation 9 – Indie Part 2 – Side A 

Observation 8 – Indie Part 1 – Side G

Observation 7 – Heverything

Observation 6 – Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Observation 5 – Faith

Observation 4 – Extra-Terrestrials

Observation 3 – Decades – 80s & Naughties 

Observation 2 – Collaborations

Observation 1 – Beautiful Voices