Welcome to 2RRR 88.5 FM

2RRR is a not-for-profit community radio station based in Henley, managing and operating a 24/7 broadcast facility that offers community usage and participation.

Our programming and community activities seek to inform, entertain, educate and unite communities. Our priority is to address the needs of the community we are licenced to serve, and the many diverse groups that make up that community. The station gives a voice to these numerous communities of interest who, together, make up our audience.

We present content that may not be available on mainstream media.

Who is our station for?

While our focus is on the geographic communities of the Ryde and Hunters Hill Councils broadcast areas, we recognise that our broadcast content may be of interest to people across Sydney and beyond. Local content addresses local issues, while our specialist programs often attract a broad listening base. With the advent of online streaming, our listeners are all over the nation and the world.

2RRR recognises and encourages diversity in all its forms through our programming, membership and open access to the facilities of the station. Our commitment to ethnic broadcasting is evident in the many programs listed in our Program Guide. The station is a hub of community and learning.

Image: Harry Papadony, Joesph Yu, Jeffery Tse and company at an Outside Broadcast

Our station diversity

2RRR ensures it operates to appropriate Rules and Regulations and Codes of Practice. We adhere strongly to the principles of the Community Broadcasting Code of Conduct as well as the regulations of the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Programmers control their own editorial content without any station editorial policy, providing that content complies with the principles of the Community Broadcasting Code of Conduct.

This code compels member stations to:

‘not broadcast material which may stereotype, incite, vilify, or perpetuate hatred against, or attempt to demean any person or group on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, sexual preference, religion, age or physical or mental disability.’

2RRR’s voice speaks directly to our listeners. We are fortunate in the support given to us through many channels including our organisational and personal sponsors. With a small dedicated staff, 2RRR is largely run and operated by volunteers, both on-air and behind the scenes.

Operating since 1985, we are truly fortunate to be able to continue to fulfil our mission by broadcasting to, and connecting with, our many communities.

Our purpose

Based in the studios of a broadcast facility, 2RRR is committed to community engagement by providing opportunities for participation in the undertakings, activities and functions associated with the operation of a community radio station.

We are guided by our dedication to diversity, connection, access and learning, so 2RRR can produce quality broadcast content for our listeners and community.

Our programming aims to inform, connect, entertain and educate our many listening communities.

Image: Artist Lucie Tiger at 2RRR Sunday Fundraiser Event

Our goals and objectives

As a community radio station with studios based in Henley Cottage, we aim to:

  • manage and operate a broadcasting facility;
  • provide a community information and cultural exchange facility;
  • provide facilities for use by people to further their own cultural activities;
  • spread radio program production and radio operating skills widely in the community through workshop sessions and training programs;
  • promote cultural and artistic activity in the district by initiating outside broadcasts, presentations, seminars and other engagement and
  • allow and encourage the widest possible community use of our broadcasting facilities.

Our listeners

Our listeners don’t fit into the traditional marketing definition of one target listening audience. 2RRR’s listeners are as many and varied as are our programs.

Our listeners are geographically spread; they are from a variety of cultural, generational and economic backgrounds. We seek to address these diversities, the result being we broadcast engaging and varied programs across the listening spectrum. Content is broader and simply different to that on a commercial radio station.

The advent of streaming means 2RRR’s many on-air voices may be heard anywhere in the world.

2RRR works to connect with its listeners. Community activities, open days, festivals and outside broadcasts showcase the station.

As part of our commitment to learning, the 2RRR Radio Training Course offers a well respected and fully subscribed course for those wanting to become announcers, producers or simply learn about all aspects of broadcasting.

On-air content can inform, educate or simply entertain. The reasons that people listen to 2RRR are as diverse as their own interests and backgrounds.

Listeners may either listen to particular programs or genres or simply tune in at breakfast time and listen all day to the 2RRR presenters and the extraordinary variety of programs on offer.

Sometimes listeners just want to share their day by tuning into a station with announcers that seem like friends. 2RRR is never just hearing a voice on the radio.

One thing does become apparent. Listeners feel connected to the announcers, the content and the 2RRR voice.

Image: Leonie McClure and Multicultural Programmers

Come join our community

Join the 2RRR community. Wake up with us at breakfast with music, news, weather, traffic, interviews and updates.

Listen as presenters introduce new artists breaking into the music scene. Tune in to Youth Jukebox. Enjoy programs featuring in-depth specials with artists and songs from yesteryear, expertly presented jazz programs and fascinating explorations of arts & culture.

Pick your music genre-rock, country, electronic, easy listening, traditional Scottish and Irish tunes, to name a few. Even follow a weekly classic radio serial from the 1940s.

Learn from magazine-style programs like Meet Me at the Movies or share gardening tips in the CRN syndicated Real World Gardener. Ethnic programs in 12 different languages, health, wellness and technology-it’s all there in our programming.

Just check out the 2RRR guide to find your favourites…and welcome to our community.

Contact us

Visit our contact page and start a conversation with us. Or ring our office on 02 9816 2988.