Our Board

Maggie Morgan

Position: Director of Administration / Secretary to the Board

The legendary film critic Roger Ebert described movies as “a machine that generates empathy”. Some movies can change the way we see the world, like the 2004 movie The Day After Tomorrow, which helped increase climate change awareness. This is the philosophy behind Maggie’s program Meet Me At The Movies which airs every Tuesday from 9:00am. Apart from being a film lover, Maggie also works as our Director of Administration to help coordinate the logistical side of the station.

Contact: admin@2rrr.org.au

Keith Rider

Position: Director of Broadcast & Technology Services

Keith started his journey at the station back in 2001 when he took part in the station’s Radio Training Course. He presented ‘Classic Country’ in 2006 on a Saturday morning for many years before taking on the position as Director of Broadcast & Technology Services in 2018. Keith has been involved in the telecommunications industry and electronic security industry for most of his life.

Contact: technical@2rrr.org.au

Katalin ILosvay

Position: Director of Finance

Katalin joined the station in the 1990s with her husband Gusztav to start a Hungarian radio program. She loves the station for it’s wide range of programs, from the excellent Midday Jazz through to the various country music and gardening programs. Katalin has served on the Board first as Secretary and more recently as as Director of Finance. Being a qualified bookkeeper has helped Katalin with this position. Through the years Katalin has worked with various members of the community and has taken part in many community events. She is also very much involved with the Hungarian community, attending functions, organising events.

Contact: finance@2rrr.org.au

Lachlan Stevens

Position: Independent Director of Programming

Lochie is extremely passionate about music, in particular, supporting Australian music. On top of being the Station Manager, Lochie volunteers as the station’s Programming Director. In this position, Lochie communicates reguarly with the station’s Programming Committee regarding new programs, existing programs, and programming related issues. When looking for new programs, Lochie believes it is important that Australian artists are being shared by presenters.

Contact: programs@2rrr.org.au

Our Staff

Lachlan Stevens

Position: Station Manager

Lochie has been involved with 2RRR for the past four year as a presenter of ‘Youth Jukebox’ on a Wednesday afternoon, and also as a presenter of ‘Freshly Squeezed’ on Thursday nights. Lochie is the current Station Manager, which deals with a variety of important tasks that help the station operate on a day to day basis. Typical activities Lochie is involved with includes managing grants, assisting with station operations, overseeing the station’s social media, and liasing with station stakeholders on a frequent basis.

Contact: office@2rrr.org.au

Neil Rochow

Position: Station Coordinator

Neil fell in love with radio after completing the station’s Radio Training Course in 1992. Not long after, Neil was afforded the position of Panel Trainer. After a 12 year absence, Neil returned to the station after moving back to Sydney and missing radio. Now back, Neil is a Panel Trainer and the Station Coordinator! It has also given Neil more reason to get involved as he loves the opportunity to assist the station on all levels. You can catch Neil’s program ‘The Midnight Special’ every Friday at midnight.

Contact: office@2rrr.org.au

Our Volunteers

Bruce Flarrety

Position: Radio Training Course Coordinator / Volunteer Officers Grants Administrator / Co-operative Secretary

Bruce has been a longstanding member of our station dating back to 1996 where he became the station’s Finance Director and Grants Officer. Over his time at the station, Bruce undertaken various other management positions including as Administration Director from 2012 to 2017 and as our Radio Training Course Coordinator from 2009 onwards. Bruce has presented at 2RRR for a staggering 25 years and is a Life Member of the station! You can catch him live each Tuesday when he presents Midday Jazz.

Brian Crabbe

Position: Community Service Announcement Coordinator

At 2RRR, Brian enjoys presenting a two-hour program each week called “There Goes That Song Again”. He plays and talks about the popular music and artists
of the 1940s, 50s and 60s, often including interview excerpts. Brian loves 2RRR because of the total freedom in his choice of material for his program, and the
support of the station, both technical and personal, and of listeners. Also, as Community Service Announcement (CSA) Co-ordinator, Brian further uses his editing skills acquired at 2RRR in producing CSAs for the station.

Robert Howes

Position: Programming Committee Member

Rob loves the diversity of programs we have here at the station. Programs range from jazz, country, pop, rock, blues, lifestyle, arts, gardening, specialty language, world music and Youth Jukebox, the station’s training ground for young up-and-coming presenters (many of whom Rob believes will and have moved on to bigger and brighter careers in the media industry). The things Rob most enjoys as being part of a robust and proactive Programming Committee are appraising new program applications, reviewing existing programs, mentoring our presenters, and helping to maintain and refine our program grid. You can catch Rob each Monday from 5:00pm when he presents ‘POP ROCK!’.

Marianne Cannon

Position: Programming Committee Member

Marianne, a qualified horticulturist, began broadcasting from 2RRR in September 2009. In 2011, Real World Gardener became syndicated across Australia via the Community Radio Network. Marianne also occasionaly offers assistance as part of the Programming Committeee with the reviewing of new programs.

Dino Mancini

Position: Programming Committee Member

An interest in radio being an avid listener from his primary school days. Dino (“the Big D”) lived through the hey days of 2SM’s Good Guys, 2UW’s Top 40, 2CH’s Snob Mob and even the formative years of talk back with John Laws on 2UE. Over 50 years later, Dino arrived at the doorsteps of Henley Cottage, as a member of the Program Committee. In between, Dino completed the Radio Training and Interview Technique courses as well as a stint co-hosting the Tuesday edition of the Big Breakfast program during the Summer and Autumn 2021 season.

Robert Scott

Position: Programming Committee Member

By being a member of our Programming Committee, Rob has been able to especially represent those “of senior years” who tune into our station. In doing so, Rob endeavours to ensure a broad cross-section of the genre of programs that would appeal to them are included in our weekly Program Grid. To Rob, 2RRR’s goal is to be a worthy addition to the quality of life of each and every person who lives and/or works in our Ryde and Hunters Hill catchment area. As a presenter, Rob hosts the Thursday edition of ‘Midday Jazz’ from 12:00pm.

Natalie Smith

Position: Programming Committee Member

Natalie is a presenter of the Timeslides program every Saturday at 5pm. She has been a part of 2RRR for 20 years and loves being part of such an incredible community radio station. She is also on the Programming Committee which means she gets to listen to some amazing programs and offer feedback to help them achieve their goal of being part of 2RRR. The committee works to ensure a high standard of program is presented to our listeners and Natalie loves being part of that experience.

Katerina Kostakos

Position: Music & Social Media Team Member

Katerina helps the station scout new and exciting local artists each week to be featured on our social media! As part of this, Katerina records and edits podcast-styled interviews talking with artists about their creative process, the music that inspires them, and a range of other topics as well.

Eliza Pall

Position: Music & Social Media Team Member

As part of the music and social media team here at the station, Eliza helps find and interview independent local artists about their love for music, latest releases, and artistic journeys. Eliza gets to be part of showcasing their talent through short podcast-style interviews and promos on our Instagram and Facebook pages — and there is no place like local radio to help musicians get their sound heard!

Jessica Warner

Position: Music & Social Media Team Member

As part of her role in the music and social media activities of 2RRR, Jess reviews music for the ‘Album of the Week’ section. This involves listening to, writing up a review and on occasion conducting interviews with the artists, with an aim to entice followers of the stations social media accounts to listen to the album. Jess loves music for its depth and variation, you never quite know what you’re in store for with any release, hence why she enjoys listening to and reviewing newly released music.

Declan Gray

Position: Music Review Team Member

Declan is a non-binary volunteer with autism. They are a passionate music dork and a reviewer for both albums and movies. They mostly write professional reviews for the station based on either what new music they are in love with at the moment or old releases that captivate them enough to recommend in a full-length review (particularly vaporwave albums).

Julie Anne Keast

Position: Music Review Team Member

In their role as part of our music and social media team, Julie Anne has been exploring a range of different releases with their carefully selected album reviews. From Crowded House, McKinley Dixon, and Billie Eilish, Julie Anne is passionate in sharing her opinions on well-known and lesser-known releases. Follow our socials to see some of Julie Anne’s insightful music reviews!

Alexander McRae

Position: Music Review Team Member

As a key member of our music review team, Alexander dives into both current and past records that maybe flew past the average music listener. With a keen eye for groundbreaking sounds, Alexander is always ready to share his in depth comments on music that warrants a listen. Follow our socials to hear more from Alexander’s music reviews.

Rylan Blanch

Position: Music Review Team Member

Having accepted the speedy deterioration of his hearing by the way of a raging case of tinnitus, Rylan has turned to the more dissonant and abstract corners of the musical spectrum to drown out the constant headnoise. He’s stoked that community radio is providing an accessible platform for sounds both ragged and rounded in a time where a bit of weirdness is warranted. Follow our socials to see some of Rylan’s fantastic music reviews!

Lachlan Hilder

Position: Music Review Team Member

Lachie volunteers at 2RRR doing the Youth Jukebox on Wednesday afternoons from 4 – 5pm. He’s a bit music obsessive with a taste ranging from Tyler, the Creator to KoRn to Sisters of Mercy to Radiohead and everything in between. He has had previous experience in podcasting and writing, and lends his expertise in sharing a varied range of music with the wider community with music reviews.

Want to Volunteer Yourself?

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