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Contact us at [email protected], or simply ring the office on 02 9816 2988 to discuss a customised package for you, your event, promotion or organisation.

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Have some time now? Read on to find out more about sponsoring 2RRR.

We’re the voice of your community

2RRR is Ryde Regional Radio, community radio station – on-air since 1984. It is licenced to broadcast within the Ryde and Hunters Hill Council areas. The station broadcasts a diverse range of specialist programs for the local community and, with the advent of online streaming, anywhere a listener can tune in. Our communities of listeners are many and varied.

As a not for profit organisation, 2RRR relies on sponsorship from organisations and individuals to help us continue to support and give a voice to our community. In return, sponsors gain an intimate platform to speak directly to an audience who would be interested in their message.

What actually is sponsorship?

2RRR is a not for profit community radio station. Community radio does not air paid advertisements. As a not for profit radio station we may broadcast information about a sponsor who supports us, acknowledging them in an appropriate on-air announcement.

Sponsorship is commonly associated with non-profit groups, who generally would not be able to fund operations and activities without outside financial assistance. Sponsoring organisations can display their logos and brand names or get specific mention that they have provided funding.

Sponsorship is a common form of promotion, where support is supplied for an organisation, person or event by providing money or other resources. Some of the costs associated with a project or program can be offset in exchange for recognition. This can result in mutual positive publicity.

Sponsors often support the mission and goals of community organisations and are proud of their contribution to those organisations.

From 2RRR’s perspective, sponsors form an intrinsic part of the station’s community relationships. To meet broadcast guidelines (CBAA & ACMA), community radio can only broadcast sponsorships for a total of five minutes per hour. A station sponsor tag after each sponsorship announcement must always be included.

2RRR has several longstanding supportive sponsors.

Your benefits when you become a 2RRR sponsor

2RRR’s local voice speaks directly to those you want to reach and engage with. This connection can increase awareness and drive activity in the broad cross section of communities who listen to 2RRR. Exposure through sponsorship announcements in our variety of programming helps you achieve your desired outcomes whether it’s a call to action campaign, brand awareness or other purpose.

Our audience is wide, diverse and varied and aligns with those who would benefit from hearing from you. Streaming takes your message anywhere a listener can tune in.

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